Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bipartisan agreement to slug it out

ABC News is reporting that “Israel and Hamas have both rejected an order by the United Nations Security Council to stop the assault on Gaza.”

How glorious!!

Israel is continuing to batter Gaza with bombs and shells, vowing its offensive on Hamas would go on despite an order by the UN Security Council to stop the assault that has killed hundreds of civilians.

Truly sterling form that, matched only by the chutzpah of Israel’s bete noir...

A Hamas official in Beirut, Raafat Morra, said his group was also rejecting the UN resolution, because “it is not in the best interest of the Palestinian people.”


And both these unlovely tribes expect the world to respect and embrace their causes — and who on Earth could resist...?

Of course, the UNSC has a bad history of unreasonable demands, such as ordering Saddam’s Iraq out of Kuwait, and to disarm themselves of WMD...

The World Community should join with Israel and Hamas and tell the UNSC to just fuck off.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Jarcob old mate.

Just this week as I was taking the little bloke for a ride along the northern beaches here in Perth(he could ride in a car for hours-just loves it)I saw what appeared to be a large white sheet hanging like a banner, from a high brick wall in front of a house.
As I approached my heart sank as I read the message that was painted in red on that sheet..

"Israel's leaders kill children."


10/1/09 11:04 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

And so it continues.

How continuing to fire makeshift rockets at a military goliath is in the interests of the Palestinian people beggars belief.

Equally, Israel's treatment of Gaza is a festering scab on the running sore that is the "peace process" or "road map" or whatever the latest trite euphemism is for "progress" in the ME.

Israel did not view Arafat as legitimate; it refuses to acknowledge that one nation's terrorist organisation is now another's elected government and would prefer to deal with Fatah.

Oh for the good ole days:

Now when this that was done came to the king's ear, he [Antiochus IV] thought that Judea had revolted: whereupon removing out of Egypt in a furious mind, he took the city [Jerusalem] by force of arms, and commanded his men of war not to spare such as they met, and to slay such as went up upon the houses. Thus there was killing of young and old, making away of men, women, and children, slaying of virgins and infants. And there were destroyed within the space of three whole days fourscore thousand, whereof forty thousand were slain in the conflict; and no fewer sold than slain. Yet was he [Antiochus IV] not content with this, but presumed to go into the most holy temple of all the world; Menelans, that traitor to the laws, and to his own country, being his guide…

So when Antiochus had carried out of the temple a thousand and eight hundred talents, he departed in all haste unto Antiochia, weening in his pride to make the land navigable, and the sea passable by foot: such was the haughtiness of his mind.

Perhaps Hamas needs to hire itself a decent Macedonian with some serious intent.

10/1/09 11:57 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Cheers Kath and Mike, hope your New Years are going well.

Can an outburst like this post be "well said"? If so, then Ta. This was fuelled in equal measure by outrage, despair and a couple of beers. Can't wait for WD to re-open where we can read the Eliot Parsney Doctrine of Hapless Civilian Populations.

Anyway looks like this Blog Lives yet! I've got some pics to put up at some stage, and maybe some odd observations here and there, all which may or may not be of passing and momentary interest, no matter...

11/1/09 4:03 PM  

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