Sunday, December 28, 2008

season’s greetings

made glorious for us by the fun-loving tribes of ye olde palestine

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Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...

Sad stuff indeed Jarcob..
When WILL it all end?

On a brighter note... Hope you and the family had a lovely Christmas.
And Mike.. hope you managed to poke a few blacks and a couple of good reds down your neck this festive season, mate!

29/12/08 1:33 AM  
Anonymous Dylan said...

Merry Christmas all (if belatedly) from us over here. The computer is telling me it's -8°C at the moment (it's too early and too cold to actually go outside and check for myself) but I reckon I'd rather the cold than the heat of the Israeli desert with guys lobbing rockets at me.

29/12/08 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Yo, best compliments of the season to you & yours too, Kath and Dylan!! And to any other veterans who might happen by...

I heard from my cousin in the south of France, Dylan, that they've had a white Christmas even down there. If only the global warming would finally arrive. Or even local warmening...

Here in Melbourne it's been the coolest December in 7 years. Sometimes the only thing you can hear above the wind is the whining of the tourism operators, poor devils.

31/12/08 5:27 PM  
Anonymous Dylan said...

Hi Jacob: Yeah, we were in Cannes and Nice for Christmas and there was snow on Christmas Day. It had been fine (about 15°C) before that but got really chilly on Christmas Eve and we saw snowflakes on Christmas Day. Not anywhere near as heavy as the year before when we were futher east and a little higher in altitude but very nice way to start the day....and meant finishing it in front of the fire was all the more fun.

We'll be watching for the Sydney fireworks in about 6 hours or so - hope it's a good show! :)

31/12/08 5:47 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Compliments of the season to you all!

Couldn't get black at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel Kath. Had Guiness at the "T_Bar" with Chrissy-Eve dinner (doesn't this place know how to charge!?). Certainly got a red or two and settled for a "tan": James Squire (Chuck Hahn) amber ale. Actually, quite a few of those. Particularly over the final sessions of the test on Boxing Day.

Took myself back to the apartment, picked up the rod and traipsed off to the river down front. Finally managed to hook one of the bastards and then, when attempting a double overhead high stick retrieve with pike (excuse) to get the bastard out from under the overhanging brush, I fell in. Phone, glasses, wallet and all.

Good thing I was wearing gore-tex runners: they didn't let the water back out to wet the carpet when I got back.

Being up in them there mountains the apartment had a "drying room" (for skiing clobber) which I diligently employed on my clothes, wallet, shoes and mobile. It started working again yesterday whilst we were doing the War Memorial in Canbera on the way back (back in today).

Ran into a bloke I went through Teacher's College with (thirty over years back) and stayed another night...just so as to get on the amber ale with the bugger.

The Israeli/Palestinian thing just sort of inserted itself into the holiday like some bloody recurrent nightmare or, worse, dud Christmas movies you just know are going to appear at the appointed time.

Once more unto the strip dear IDF, once more unto the strip.........

31/12/08 11:34 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Yeah Jacob, coolest and wettest December in 7 years, but that was yesterday's news in yey old eh Age.

Today they ran an article claiming that this was our hottest year ever, with temperatures continuing to rise each year in Victoria.

Which conveniently ignores the four key climate metrics which all show a cooling of the whole planet over the last decade. (Just not Victoria?) Of course, that doesn't mesh with Al Gore's thinking, or the greenie evangelists.

It's become one of those "don't mention the war" things, funny, almost, if only it wasn't.

2/1/09 10:32 PM  

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