Monday, November 24, 2008

bucolic scene

Ahh, the serenity . . .

How’s the serenity . . . ?

Oh, to be a part of that serenity
. . . forever . . .

Please, dear God, put me in that picture
. . . forever and ever!

Whoah . . . what’s happening . . . ? ?

Oh, wait just a doggone minute . . .

Oh no, please, not that!

No, no, no, not that!!

No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o . . . !!!

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Blogger Father Park said...

He, he, he.

I see from the most recent post that the serenity is now permanent?

Thanks for letting me share the space Jacob. It was a pleasure. Pity I've been so bloody busy recently that I've not even replied much (here, there or elswhere).

Have three pieces worked up for Ancient Warfare that may see publication next April and form part of a larger thingy I'm trying to give birth to.

The Rectory is taking to the road this Christmas. Figured we would spend the 23rd to the 28th at Thredbo. Was going to post some photos. If the site's still up I may just do that.

I shall remember to have a black for you. Might even do that tonight. And tomorrow night and at Thredbo and....

27/11/08 2:53 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Mike, the pleasure has been all mine. (Actually ours, incl readers.)

Look forward to your AW stuff and the 'larger' work. Do keep us posted, eh?

Feel free to continue to post anything you feel here - remembering of course the modest potential for readership in terms of numbers (but not quality).

The site will remain up, including those crucial archives (as Harry always stressed when he closed his place ... what was it, once a month or so?).

AppliedH may go quiet but will never die, not when there's such a crying need for the sick, very sick...

Meantime we'll doubtless be in touch from time to time. Happy Christmas to you and dear Anne-Marie and wee postulants.

27/11/08 9:51 PM  

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