Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wanted: An Opposition

Tim Dunlop muses:

If just talking about inflation in the non-Malcolm approved way is going to cause inflation to rise, then isn’t drawing attention to that immoderate language likely to make it an even bigger problem by making everybody talk about it even more?

Oh my God... and now I’m talking about Malcolm Turnbull talking about Wayne Swan’s intemperate language!

And you’ll probably talk about me talking about Malcolm Turnbull talking about Wayne Swan in comments!

Can full economic meltdown be far away?

Personally, I’m strangely comforted that Mr Turnbull, although in opposition, hasn’t let go of the reins just yet.

Australia needs an effective opposition leader. Turnbull isn’t it, but he may, as much as Brendan Nelson, jolt the opposition into producing one.

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