Friday, February 15, 2008

Goat Friday

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Blogger Father Park said...

I know that goat: it belongs to the Flying Nun.

15/2/08 3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anne-Marie said...

What a nice coat! So soft. No, on second thought, it is probably rather coarse to the touch. Those eyes ...

15/2/08 4:26 PM  
Blogger Kathy Farrelly said..., Mike!(Kath snirtles)

Hey Anne-Marie, nice to see you back.

15/2/08 5:33 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Hi Anne-Marie, lovely to hear from you again,

Yeah, what about those little goaty peepers - so world-weary in one so young!? There's an essay in those very eyes!

P.S. Can you persuade your young man to pen another line or two of verse for us? Please tell Josh it would be very much appreciated, as this blog is in dire need of some verve.

16/2/08 1:23 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

By the way, forgive my slowness please folks, but what's the Flying Nun connection?

16/2/08 1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anne-Marie said...

Hi to you too, Jacob and everyone else.

Sally Field starred in a TV series about a flying nun named Sister Bertrille and her headgear looked like the ears of this goat. She was light and in a strong breeze, the large headgear used to lift her up into the sky and she flew like a bird. The show aired in 1967.

Try using this link to see what I mean.

Talking about the little man, he had planned for months (so he said) to make Valentine's Day the best ever, so he wrapped up a present for the three of us and gave it to us at dinner. He gave me a lovely 9K locket necklace, his dad a hematite rock and his sister another type of rock. The rocks are his prized possessions that he buys ocassionally. It was very sweet indeed, especially as he pretended that he did not know what day it was on the drive to school when his sister mentioned that it was Valentine's Day.

Will tell our little man about your invitation. He has been pretty busy. We went to the hobby shop to get some things for him to make a rainforest for a school project. He did not want to buy anything premade as the teacher might mark them down if they do not make it themselves.

16/2/08 2:09 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Anne-Marie, that really was very sweet of the young fella to make his family his Valentine. Reckon you and Mike must be doing something right there.

I do well remember Sally Field as The Flying Nun, but silly me didn't make the connection with the floppy ears. Must be in need of a whimsy booster shot. Hell, actually I need a holiday. But failing that an ale or two might also work wonders.

Mike, if you can find time to read this in between penning pieces for other blogs, my congratulations on your fine 'Primaries' piece over at WD.

That's just mock-petulance about the 'other blogs' thing, by the way. Really, your erudition deserves a wider readership than this little site will afford, so more power to you.

16/2/08 1:40 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

That's MY kind of goat: bed hair!

Yep, we could almost be twins first thing in the morning.

Except for the ears.

16/2/08 4:48 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

I was not intending a piece for WD. In truth, I had not looked at the site in yonks. I was literally pestered by Fiona to write something on the US primaries. It began last Sunday:emails, phone calls....

She got me at a weak moment: pissed with a mate who dropped in for a surprise lunch visit and stayed for dinner, a six pack of black, one of "Rooftop" (or something) and three bottles of red.

I'm attempting to get something together for Ancient Warfare titled From Naupactos to Arginusae: the Decline in Athenian Naval Power....unfortunately it's oarless in the Corinthian Gulf at present.

Nothing wrong with this "little site". I just need to be a little more productive. Perhaps you should pester me when pissed?

16/2/08 4:51 PM  
Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

Hmm, Fiona seems to be pretty much carrying the show for WD lately. Well, she and Richard Tonkin, too. Good on her (and him), but the 'pestering' seems maybe a bit much.

And good on you, Compadre, with the return gig at Ancient Warfare!!! Perhaps a cross-promotional preview here (or at WD), eh???

17/2/08 11:33 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Perhaps I should run the final draft of the battle of Gabiene on here? After all, I had to cut it to a few paragraphs to fit the magazine's "warrior" theme article. In fact, it hardly appeared and the published article is totaly different!

17/2/08 12:26 PM  
Anonymous Dylan said...

IT'S TIME!!! ... to declare this thread closed!

Seeing as the other thread is officially closed and I can't add my two cents let me add a couple of thoughts here.

That Harry's is closed is a shame. I genuinelmy enjoyed stopping by each morning to read the comments...something I don't often do for other blogs. On other blogs you read the posts and maybe - should you feel inclined - get involved in the commentary. Harry's was different in that I always felt the comments threads were the reason for the blog. No matter the posts, the comments were the place to hang out. A pleasure now denied, it seems.

A shame, really. I really entered in the middle of the blog and got a feel for the 'locals' as I went. Some were quick to make their mark (Damian, Daniel) and others took a while to fit into my personal political/blogological specturm (Father Park, Jacob). It was fun while it lasted but it ended and that is, no matter what others feel, a shame.

Perhaps I should run the final draft of the battle of Gabiene on here? After all, I had to cut it to a few paragraphs to fit the magazine's "warrior" theme article.

I would enjoy to read it, Father Park. If we can do a trade - and this may bore you a little, I admit - then check out my 'Offensive Realism and the CEE after the Cold War' ( and we can review each other. Frankly speaking, my effort is nothing special but you never know what it might open up in the future, right?

Look: Harry's place shutting down is a shame. I do mourn (as much as one can mourn a website) the passing of HH's place. Perhaps we'll find an other website to take over that place on the intertubes and, if we do, I assume it'll be announces here.? 'Til then I'll keep dropping by and hope that the discussion keeps up so that this damn research doesn't get the better of me.

Cheers all,


19/2/08 4:51 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Hi Dylan.

Yes HH's place closed in a flurry of name calling (you bitch = Kathy) and that is sad. As much for the manner as the fact.

Over and done with.

I realised, after making the offer, that I may well have published a draft on Harry's site. Scrolling the archives last night (yes it can be done) I confirmed the fact. It might, though, be worth a go with the re-edit if Johnny Schumate (who did the artwork for my pice in Ancient Warfare is happy for me to use his work??

I shall, indeed, have a squizz through your link at home tonight.

As for a place to "gather', I can think of no more congenial place than Jacob's. Sure, not quite the exposure, but then we were (not just Jacob and myself) the core of Harry's audience anyway. The commenting over the last year was, in large part, down to a core "crew".

19/2/08 10:09 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Sorry 'bout that, Dylan. The abrupt, capricious and 'dramatic' closure of that thread was meant to be symbolic. Or performance art. Or something.

I agree that the demise of CC is regrettable (notwithstanding that I'd self-banned myself), but is more due to loss of interest by the blogmaster than anything else.

Just quietly, I still reckon it might make a comeback... ;)

19/2/08 12:37 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Just down the road having lunch and checked the fixed odds betting on just that.

Blogingbet has a new version of HH presently at 1.15 for your dollar.

19/2/08 12:53 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Hey Dylan, can you copy me the paper in word format?

For dome bloody reason my computer's decided it no longer likes Adobe. It downlaoded Acrobat eight point bloody something the other day and now blythely informs me "there is a problem wth Adobe Acrobat".

Yes. Obviously.

19/2/08 6:59 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

"Dome" bloody reason? Need to put my fingers into a sharpener.....

19/2/08 7:04 PM  
Anonymous Dylan said...

Drop me an email and I'll send it over. dylan.kissane at

19/2/08 7:05 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Uhhh, what a day!! Now I have more than a moment...

"A place to gather" - my place is open to all, of course, 'though let's not forget Caz's fine little blog over at Avatar Briefs, an equally convivial place for en masse gathering of known groups of ilks. Caz even has the added bonus of a steady stream of actual content.

(The more than usual dearth of content here is down to my lately being frightfully busy at work, at home, and at all points in betwixt. Hoping things will settle down before too long so I can give this site a bit more attention...)

Father Park, as Dylan remarked, anything you post here (or wherever, for that matter) on ancient history/warfare would be most eagerly received.

Dylan, sorry, I think I've only managed to skim that article of yours, and that was months ago. Shall endeavour to give it more serious attention soon (much good may it do anyone).

Oh bugger, now I have to make time for Lateline...

19/2/08 10:33 PM  

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