Monday, November 19, 2007

First Lady gets on the Generals’ case, ASEAN demurs

Whatever other criticisms one may have of the US First Family, one has to applaud the Bushes’ activism on the problem of the evil regime of the Burmese generals.

The First Lady, Laura Bush, has lately called for a global boycott of jewels from Burma.

She says every Burmese stone bought, cut, polished, and sold sustains an illegitimate, repressive regime.

Mrs Bush says Burma’s military rulers have just opened a potentially lucrative gem auction show in the capital seeking much-needed foreign currency amid tightening Western sanctions.

The junta hopes to sell some 5,500 lots of jade, gems and pearls, worth about $US300 million during the 13-day auction.

Mrs Bush’s call pretty much exactly echoes the stance taken by Human Rights Watch on the Burmese gem trade, but good on her for standing up to endorse it.

And good on the US Senate for voting unanimously to urge ASEAN members to suspend Burma from the regional body until the generals show respect for human rights.

And a pox on ASEAN for declining to do so.

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Blogger Father Park said...

A pox in-bloody-deed. Only too prepared to lecture Australia when the shoe fits the guts they're kicking.

Must have a google up of what Singapore might have said in this regard. Perhaps they've threatened to hang the next precious stone trader from Burma found in the SEA bastion of political freedom?

19/11/07 9:46 PM  

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