Friday, May 25, 2007

Goat Friday

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( Goes Over All Terrain )

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Anonymous kATHY said...

Claytons Goat Friday methinks, Jarcob

25/5/07 3:38 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

What have you done with Clover?

In Romania poor families are to be given 10 goats, instead of benefits, and they will not be permitted to eat or sell them. They will also have to pay the gov't a "tax" on the goats, by way of 3 kids each year - which will go to the local council.

They will kick things off by giving 20 families their goats next month.

25/5/07 8:27 PM  
Blogger Jacob A. Stam said...

Ah Kathy, you're being too literal with the concept of 'goat'.

Now you mention it, Caz, I did see that story. Sounded very 'innovative'.

25/5/07 11:58 PM  

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