Sunday, May 20, 2007

Capital punishment reintroduced in Australia

The headline reads: Executed man pleaded for life

Good grief!! — apparently a man was executed in Melbourne on Friday night. The first for about forty years!!

A policeman told reporters, “It was an act of cold-blooded murder.” I’m guessing the officer must be one of those bleeding-hearts opposed to the death penalty.

Hang on... There wasn’t any trial, due process, or anything remotely judicial about this killing.

A gunman — i.e., a criminal — apparently invaded the man’s home and shot him dead, in front of his family.

Why does the media persist in depicting cold-blooded murder as “execution”?

Hang on... the policeman actually used that expression — execution-style.

Why are the media, abetted by policemen, bestowing some kind of evil glamour on acts of sheer bloody murder?

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Blogger Caz said...

"Senseless murder" - one of my personal all time favorites.

I've been waiting my entire life to read "a sensible murder was committed in Malvern overnight ... ".

"Senseless death" is, of course, the common variation on the theme, which I find equally puzzling, since most deaths can be explained in a perfectly sensible manner, particularly if an autopsy is performed.

20/5/07 11:20 AM  

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