Friday, May 18, 2007

Boys’ own bastardry continues

Prime Minister John Howard reportedly told a business lunch audience that the ABC-TV mini series Bastard Boys was...

One of the most lopsided pieces of political propaganda I’ve seen on the national broadcaster in years. It completely ignored the fact that the Australian waterfront was notoriously inefficient and all of the collaborative attempts that had been made over the years to change that had failed.

Predictably, the lopsided PM has completely ignored the fact that Bastard Boys gave some prominence to those issues that he said the program “completely ignored”.

But let’s face it, the primary offence of Bastard Boys is that the program portrays the labour movement as a legitimate aspect of Australian civil society.

That is what really so offends the lopsided doctrinal position that the PM represents. And that is why any merits that the production does have are wilfully ignored in the rush to beat up on the ‘biased’ ABC.


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