Friday, December 16, 2011

Public health facility now unencumbered with patients

Yes Minister, this could be one of the best run facilities in the public health system.

With all residents now gone from the nursing home a new staff structure has been put in place.

Some administration staff have been retained to oversee the closing off the facility and to explore options for its future use. Maintenance staff also remain in place with two house keepers and caretakers appointed to ensure the building is kept up to a high standard as future uses are sought out.

Koroit Health Services Acting CEO and Director of Nursing Michelle Finnigan said the appointment of the housekeepers and caretakers were important ones... “This will ensure the building is safe and secure and it will be keep fresh and vibrant to help get ready for future opportunities.”

Meanwhile, even the former staff never had it so good.

“And the nursing, kitchen and cleaning staff have also found some wonderful new opportunities and they are now free to move onto the next stage of their careers.”

Everyone’s a winner!



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