Sunday, February 13, 2011

Serious Lawyer Shit II: Tin Soldier Samplethon.

For the life of me I fail to see how the Stones (or their lawyers) got their case up against the Verve. Ever since John Waite sang Isn't it Time for the Babys in the seventies I've wondered why the Faces never lifted a gilded lawyer finger.

The Faces...

The Babys...

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Anonymous Jacob said...

Ah, I lo-o-ove "Tin Soldier"!! It's a sensational - yes, almost symphonic - piece of pop music.

I never drew any sort of connection between it and the Babys' "Isn't It Time", which I was quite impressed with when first came out but now hardly ever hear.

But now you point it out, Father Park, the songs do have very similar structures and melodies, from the opening keyboard passage on. I'm not sure, however, whether that could be the basis for a viable law suit. But then who would have guessed Colin Hay and Men at Work could have their hard-earned expropriated by the copyright owners of that moronic Kookaburra song simply for having used a snatch of melody (and in homage, yet!).

The Babys seemed to have rather lavish production values for a supposedly 'New Wave' outfit - what with strings and brass - while the Small Faces, being 'Mods', had a more basic sound perhaps more in keeping with 'Punk'/'New Wave' ethos. Most of the Babys even seem to have worn their hair longer than Steve Marriot's perrenial mullet, which he wore throughout his life unto when he tragically died in middle age.

15/2/11 10:10 PM  

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