Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sign of rift between Bolt and McGuire

One suddenly develops something approaching admiration for Eddie McGuire when Andrew Bolt whines,

“Eddie McGuire means well, but clearly hasn’t listened to a word I’ve said.”

McGuire’s error, apparently, is to not regard Bolt as being supremely authoritative on everything.

It’s difficult to imagine McGuire actively working against Bolt, but McGuire’s transgressions may be more sins of omission than anything else. For instance, McGuire was curiously mute when Bolt boldly condemned then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for giving aid and succour to Robert Mugabe.

Still, at least Bolt regards McGuire as well-meaning. And we can be confident this has nothing at all to do with McGuire being a somewhat wealthy and influential figure.



Blogger Caz said...

Even Andrew Bolt can't cope with the thought of being crossed off Eddie's Xmas card list.

Interesting glancing through the Bolt links ... either they don't let people comment on most of his pieces, or most aren't of enough interest for even a solitary reader to comment. The Hun must surely have expected the impressive Bolt to have drummed up a great deal more traffic than ... almost none.

Another legend in his own mind.

30/1/11 10:23 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Comments have been 'Off' at Bolt's since around Xmas, he's saying "until moderators are on deck". Odd, because Blair and other rupertbloggers don't seem to have the same problem. But then I'm not all that clear about how the typical rupertblog is run.

They need to fix it soon though, because they're missing a lot of traffic (i.e., revenue) that the pure vaudeville of Bolt's disturbed maunderings usually attracts.

1/2/11 3:31 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Ah, well that makes sense, in a way that makes no sense at all. Bit like saying the paper won't be printed until they stock more ink.

I think I should send in a job application. The Hun's moderators must be paid a motza and they get seriously long annual leave. I had no idea it was such a skilled and well paid job.

1/2/11 4:09 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Bolt has just posted:

"Compromises have been reached and blog comments are back on tomorrow. The moderators have been asked to be particularly intolerant of rudeness of any kind. But we are partcularly [sic] welcoming of the more usual sane and informed comments it’s been our privilege to receive."

Compromises reached?

Maybe there's a moderate faction of moderators who've out voted the hard liners in the struggle for sane and informed commenting at the Bolt blog.

I'm almost intrigued enough to give a stuff.

1/2/11 6:50 PM  
Blogger Caz said...


Give a stuff?

Hell yes!

Hope The Age hears the gossip and shares.

Perhaps the back-end going-ons have been prosaic, but there's a small chance that the story is more interesting.

Did Bolt want to keep letting illiterate,ignorant,obnoxious comments through, so long as they were of the "me too" variety; or so long as they elicited boot-kicking from the "me too" crowd?

Did the moderators require lengthy training so as to be able to recognize illiterate, ignorant, obnoxious comments?

In fairness to Bolt, a lot of anti-Bolt comments do make it through the gatekeepers.

1/2/11 7:23 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

True, some anti- or perhaps non-Bolt stuff does get through the moderators. However, I'd be very interested to see a retraction for anything blatantly wrong he's written.

For example, his rubbish about "Rudd gave aid to Mugabe's Zimbabwe" to my knowledge still stands uncorrected. Sure, he could weasel around saying "I didn't say he actually gave aid to Mugabe's regime itself", but the intent to smear was obvious enough. Which became the cue for his readers to comment about how Rudd would be right at home running Zimbabwe, wouldn't hesitate to use the army to cling to power, etc. etc. etc. Talk about feedback loops...

He did a post recently claimimg a Qld government report on climate change made no mention of catastrophic flooding as a possible scenario. In fact he only looked at one chapter which doesn't mention flooding, while the rest of the report has scores of references to flooding. I know of at least one person who emailed him to point out his error, but he subsequently posted more of the same. The guy's like a blinkered ideologue of the type he regularly decries as bringing down civilisation as we know it.

It's actually quite fascinating to see how the guy operates. Yep, he's a 'master', but it's all vaudeville.

Anyway if you hear anything further about the crisis of moderation at the Bolt blog, do please share. I'll keep a look out too.

1/2/11 8:24 PM  
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