Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Bolt’s dreams, Rudd gives aid and succour to Mugabe

Almost forgot to mention, but in a column yesterday Andrew Bolt claims the Rudd government “gave aid to Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.”

What’s this about then?

Well, apparently the Australian government’s foreign aid body AusAID has committed $5.5 million for the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, which helps farmers develop sustainable farming practices.

AGRA is based in Kenya — not Zimbabwe, as was wrongly asserted by Steve Lewis, a fellow-traveler of Bolt’s whose falsehoods he now retails. AGRA operates its programs all over Africa, including Zimbabwe.

How appalling appropriate that the Australian government should try to help Zimbabwean farmers mitigate the potentially disastrous consequences of Mugabe’s land ‘reforms’ ! !

In his frenzies, Bolt tears apart anything to hand that represents restraint, order or the related discipline of reason.

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