Saturday, December 11, 2010


There's a neat post over at Pure Poison detailing an attempt by “” to beat up a story about Wikileaks boss Julian Assange as being a modern-day “James Bond villain.”

Apparently Julian Blofeld has an underground headquarters (as in You Only Live Twice) where “all” ... no, beg pardon, just “some” of the Wikileaks documents “are” ... beg pardon, “have been” secreted.

The story features an image of the interior of Assange’s “suspended conference room”, furnished with an apparatus looking very much like Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence. It’s all very sinisterly futuristic, and one can almost see Assange sitting devotedly stroking his favourite fluffy, overweight feline.

Not surpringly, the story attracts ... beg pardon, has attracted comments from readers who wonder whether Assange is the anti-christ predicted by Nostradamus.

One might hope Rupert’s campaign for "responsible journalism" may have some effect — on their shop.

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Blogger Caz said...

A lair of servers never looked so sexy.

The anti-Christ? Err. Maybe not.

19/12/10 11:12 AM  

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