Monday, June 07, 2010

Lies, damned lies, and corrections

While the Sheik has now returned to Yemen to a predictable hero’s welcome, the propaganda battle continues...

The Israel Defense Force has admitted it doctored an audio recording of radio communications between the Israeli navy and vessels in the Gaza Aid Flotilla, in which activists are alleged to have hurled anti-Semitic abuse. The IDF has now released what they say is an un-doctored and completely faithful recording of the exchange in its entirety. Honest!

Meanwhile, one of the activist groups behind the Flotilla, FreeGaza, has denied the nasty statements attributed to Flotilla activists ever took place. Honest!

Today John Lyons in The Australian tries to untangle the facts, if any, from officially sanctioned IDF accounts of the incident.

Noting Lyons’ article, Dr Easychair tries valiantly and successfully to avoid the ‘L’ word, but concedes there have been “gaps and mistakes — or falsehoods.”

But he “can’t see anything in this so far that isn’t explained by rush, adrenalin, a lack of TV cameramen right on the spot of the worst fighting, and an unwillingness to show the IDF shooting people, no matter how justified.”

Needless to say the excuse of ‘rush’ and ‘adrenalin’ (to say nothing of mortal fear) is apparently forbidden the Flotilla activists for their alleged actions.



Blogger עדית said...

In this Turkish site you will find photos that were taken by the "Peace activists".

Our non armed soldiers were beaten by them just because they wanted to avoid their arrival to Gaza.

This is another proof of the barbaric activist's attention.

The world must see that!!

Veuillez transférez ce lien.

Dans ce site Turque vous trouverez des photos qui ont été prises par les "activistes de la paix".

Non soldats qui n'était pas armés ont été frappés et emprisonnés par ces activistes juste parce qu'ils voulaient éviter l'arriver du bateau a Gaza.

Ceci est une preuve supplémentaire de la réelle attention de ces activistes barbares.

Le monde doit le voir ! !

7/6/10 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Jacqob said...

Merci, J'ai vu ces images. Le monde a vu ces derniers, mais le monde peut rester sceptique.

7/6/10 7:34 PM  
Anonymous Jacqob said...

Parler avec sionistes est gaspillée. Dieu sait que je essayé!

8/6/10 11:15 PM  

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