Saturday, May 22, 2010

Viva la Deva

It's not often that I find myself in agreement with Miranda Devine. This is the second time this year. Whilst this might indicate a drift to the right (with age) on my part, it more likely represents an ability by the Deva of the right to actually compose a piece that might be considered balanced. This is something quite beyond the Bolts and Ackermans of the world whose histrionic harangues somehow pass muster as "journalism".

The resignation of David Campbell is for all the wrong reasons. Had the man resigned for a studied lack of interest in his portfolio one might understand. That he is – or has been for years – homosexual is of no consequence and is, further, no basis for resigning his ministry. The pursuit by journalists – paragons of virtue to be sure – is as unedifying as their justifications are expedient. “Public interest”? For God’s sake Jim, I’m a moralist not a journalist!

Being gay, after all, is no longer a handicap in public life. Iceland last year elected an openly gay prime minister, and the Climate Change Minister, Penny Wong, is a respected senior government operative whose sexuality is never an issue.

And, it should be added, should not ever be. The Meakins and Walters of this world are so much fly-blown shit clinging to an elephant’s arse. Squeaky-clean pompous prats, they are so full of themselves they believe their own expedient rationalisations.

In the end, while it's often forgotten in our sex-saturated culture, there is more to a person than sex. Campbell's identity is not encapsulated in a two-hour session at Ken's of Kensington on Tuesday night. He is still a family man.

Well said. One can only imagine what sort of place Campbell’s now in. It can’t be a happy one and, more than likely, hasn’t been so for many years. What he will be going through at home now is both not good nor any of our business – as was what he did outside of his working hours.

Public interest my left arse cheek.

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Anonymous Jacob said...

Hmmm, uncharacteristically fair comment from Miranda.

I would add only: Who the hell is Kristina Kenneally to be holding forth on whether Campbell's family should forgive him or not? She's the Premier of NSW, not an Agony Aunt. Surely it's entirely the family's business, and why is Kenneally rubbing salt into an already painful matter for them?

The mongrel sleaze-merchant Walters' only remotely reasonable "public interest" justification was that Campbell's behaviour made him a target for blackmail. That's nevertheless rather a long bow, and it's a matter of opinion as to how compelling a reason that would be for putting a family through the media mill. Oh sure, it might be compelling for Campbell's political opponents and/or Fred Nile.

Not being in NSW, I don't know anything about the F3 traffic jam, but I ask how that was the fault of Campbell? I mean, should he as Minister have been out there directing traffic?

23/5/10 1:31 PM  
Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...

Course, if the poor bugger ( no pun intended) had porked a slew of women it would have been alright then?

Sheesh! If it was good enough for Hawkie....

25/5/10 10:28 PM  

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