Thursday, July 16, 2009

Israeli Tourism Ministry redraws map

The Israeli Tourism Ministry has given effect to Likud policy and laid claim to "Greater Israel" in a campaign poster.

The poster, displayed on London's Ungerground, has been removed following complaints that it misrepresents Israel's borders. Clearly not to some within the Israeli government though...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That map was clearly wiped.


Now, accusing someone of 'Morse code' is the exact equivalent of 'shooting the messenger' - a tactic only for those unable to argue. How do you plead? No rational response expected. Every communication contains a message; it's a function only of en-/de-coding ability. I prefer explicit messages; the only proper way to justice is to fully recompense the poor hapless and *illegally, immorally* dispossessed Palestinians. The very best way would be to have every illegal alien invader (read: Zionists/Israelis; all) decamp. Yesterday.

Good day to you.

16/7/09 1:19 PM  
Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...


Phil Kendall... AGAIN!!!

Reminds me of a song Mike.

Goodbye to Phil, goodbye to Phil He's a dark horse see if he can
Goodbye To Phil goodbye To Phil, painted up like a fancy young man

He's a queen, can't you see what I mean;
He's a queen
See, see, he's a queen
And I know he's not alright, alright, alright, alright
I say you're so wrong , you're so wrong
I say you're so wrong you're so wrong
I say you're so wrong you're so wrong

I said
Goodbye To Phil goodbye To Phil Get a kick from his forties trip boots
Goodbye To Phil, goodbye To Phil he Has them made to match up to his suits.

Chorus AGAIN!

( With apologies to Slade)

16/7/09 3:29 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Goodbye to Phil, goodbye to Phil with his posts I couldn't be blowed

Goodbye To Phil goodbye To Phil, communicates in Cubist Morse code

16/7/09 3:56 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

He came, he deposited, he went...

As for the map, it looks a bit like the Ministry is channeling the likes of ben-Gurion, Sharon, etc.

Or it's a wet dream Bibi had, which he promptly submitted to MiniTour as the basis for a campaign.

Aimed at prospective Palestinian travellers, the slogan: "Where the hell do we want you to go? Try Jordan..."

16/7/09 9:24 PM  

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