Friday, July 10, 2009

Incomprehensibility understandable, says climate boffin

“In many important ways the climate system is moving near the upper limits of our understanding and indeed our model predictions. That’s understandable because emissions are moving towards the upper limits as well.”

  • Professor Will Steffen
    executive director
    ANU Climate Change Institute

Godley & Creme, Consequences (1977) — album art detail

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Blogger Father Park said...

Ahh, Godley and Creme. Just add a dash of Stewart and Gouldman, stir lightly and you've the antecedents of the World Financial Crisis. That classic line of the subprime: "If you sell your mother you can buy another".

All those Wall street (w)bankers, John Thain especially, should be saying Good Morning Judge.

11/7/09 9:48 AM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Graham Gouldman c'67...

Recorded by Wayne Fontana written by Mr Gouldman. Look Hear!

11/7/09 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

If I remember right, Gouldman wrote or had a hand in some iconic British hits such as The Hollies' 'Bus Stop'. Stewart meanwhile achieved early success with The Mindbenders ('Groovy Kind of Love'). Stewart can be seen in the film 'To Sir With Love' with the Mindbenders as the backing band for Lulu's performance of the title track.

That is, if I remember right... but it's too much like hard work to look it all up to verify. I'm not innately lazy, but had a throat infection all week and now my left eyelid is blowing out like a balloon. Therefore I'm going to try to rest the old rustbucket this weekend. ;-)

11/7/09 12:10 PM  

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