Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I don’t want to seem biased, but then I also don’t want to seem apathetic about the outcome... so...

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Blogger Father Park said...

No need to be worried...he's there by a wide margin. I have to say that McCain's concession was, without doubt, one the best - if not the best - of such speeches in my experience.

I was going to post a little piece but you beat me to it. Here 'tis anyhow...

Obama has little idea, I think, of what he's done. The Everest of expectation is palpable. The first "African-American" president and elected with a substantial landslide of Electoral College votes. Obama leads, at this writing, in North Carolina by 28,000 votes. Unbelievable.

Obama, it seems, will take Virginia. In Culpeper the BBC interviewed a black woman and her husband. What did it mean to them they were asked. The answer, in paraphrase:

"Forty years ago we took the first real steps, we were promised freedom. Today we've made it: we're free and we count. We voted today: blacks, Hispanics, Asians and all who make up this country. We showed the world that the United States can change - has changed. The United States is better than we have been. We are ready to meet our responsibiliies."

I hope Obama was watching and listening. A vast constituency is expecting. Here's hoping he can deliver.

5/11/08 4:17 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Now that I've done that it's time to duck down the club for a celebratory black ... beer that is.

5/11/08 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Actually, Mike, you should post that. Perhaps even offer it to t'other side?

By the way, I was wondering whether it's normal for the President-Elect's family to leave the platform before he delivers the victory speech?

5/11/08 4:45 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Jacob - does it matter? Are you reading some significance into it?

I've only seen bits, but I gather the wife and girls were on the stage at beginning and end.

BTW - first lady in waiting: dress, hideous beyond belief.

Yes, I am superficial, and proud of it.

8/11/08 3:34 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Yeah, it's strange how I noticed the First-Family-elect had vacated the platform before the historic victory speech... But not the hideous dress... Silly me!

I wondered what was going through Mrs Obama's mind as she walked off the stage with their Obamalettes, e.g., would it be the last time she'd see her husband alive...?

But yeah, quite possibly I'm reading too much significance into it. Maybe it was already way past the Obamalettes bedtime, but still you'd think they'd be allowed to stay up for a special (never mind fucking historic) occasion.

11/11/08 1:06 AM  

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