Monday, November 03, 2008

Presidential election: Portent divined

Looks like it’s the kibosh for Barack Obama’s tilt for the US Presidency:

A local soccer team christened Obama FC was at the weekend beaten 1-0 in a derby held in a western Kenyan village of the US Democrat's kin.

The tournament, dubbed Obama Big Day Soccer Tournament, was organised by Barack Obama’s step-brother Malik Obama, in anticipation of the senator’s victory in the November 4 US presidential elections. ...

Originally called Kogelo FC — named after the village of Obama’s Kenyan father — it changed its name to Obama FC in 2004 when the Democrat first made headlines after giving an electrifying speech at the Democratic Party convention.

The news report says this is “an unenviable preamble for Obama ahead of Tuesday’s polls.”

Indeed, the parallels are uncanny!

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Blogger Father Park said...

12 for Bart; one for "black".

Go Obama...

4/11/08 10:58 PM  

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