Thursday, September 25, 2008

A spot of ABC science-reporter bashing

Oh dear, it seems there’s a problem with Earth’s “cosmic radiation defence wind”:

Scientists say the solar wind which is a stream of particles that flows from the sun and helps protect the earth from cosmic radiation, is at its lowest level in 50 years.

They say there is nothing to fear because the earth is also protected by a magnetic field.

Oh good, we’ll still be in reasonably good shape for the death knell when the LHC comes back online next March.

But they say the situation could make things more difficult for astronauts who go beyond Earth’s orbit.

No, there’s never been any astronaut who’s gone “beyond Earth’s orbit”, nor are there any immediate plans to send any.

It’s when astronauts venture beyond Earth’s “magnetic field” that the difficulty danger arises.

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Anonymous Harry Heidelberg said...

The ABC is biased and anti-science. It is natural they would hate the LHC and that's why I hate the ABC. How could you hate an innocent, well meaning, multi-billion dollar device? Pure jealousy if you ask me.

Is there anyone in the ABC who has the first clue about GM crops? I doubt it. They are anti-science. Greenie, leftie, pseudo-intellectual, trailer trash with delusions of grandeur.

The ABC is Prince Charles on a bad hair day. Horrible.

1/10/08 8:42 AM  

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