Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oh, give me a frigging break...

Alexander Downer has expressed concerns about the fragile state of democracy in Pakistan. The PM is not impressed with Perez Musharraf’s latest traducing of "democratic principles".

Give me a bloody break. Where have these galoots been these last nine years or so? A clue:

"Your excellency, General Pervez Musharraf, the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Today marks a first in relations between [our countries]. This is the first occasion we have been graced with a visit by a Pakistani head of state who, of course, is also head of government in that country. And I have a very special pleasure, and a very deep feeling, in welcoming President Musharraf, in saying on behalf of all of us how much we admire the exceptional personal courage he has displayed in recent years.

"It's easier to make brave rhetorical speeches, about values of freedom and democracy and the rights of man, when you belong to a country, with whatever other faults it may have, [that] has always had a long, uninterrupted tradition of peaceful political exchange, however rumbustious it may get in a verbal sense on occasions. But to be the leader of a country and to survive two assassination attempts, and to know there are people within your country whose only goal is not only to remove your government, which you can understand in a democracy, but also to remove it with violence and with force, if necessary, including your removal from this life …

"So I pay tribute to somebody who has come through the fire of violent challenge to his position; somebody who has played a major role in the fight against terrorism; somebody who has understood the need to confront and defeat the extremist elements within our society that seek to visit death and terrorism around the world.

"And also I salute somebody, in President Musharraf, who has led a transition of his country to a democratic state. Pakistan has not always been democratic, something the President freely acknowledged. And I do not think enough credit has been given to Pakistan under President Musharraf's leadership for the transition over recent years…"

And that was? Who else but our groveling Prime Minister, John Howard, lauding the beacon of democracy on the subcontinent - Musharraf.- in 2005 as he visited his democratic presence upon our parliament. It was as much bullshit then as his mealy-mouthed electorally driven, condemnatory drivel is this week.

This is the self-proclaimed "Chief executive" who retained command of the armed forces he utilised to dismiss the democratically elected government of Nawaz Sharif seven years ago. Then, after a bullshit trial, send the same Sharif into exile. The same Musharraf that "has played a major role in the fight against terrorism" by smacking his chief scientist’s wrist after the man had sold weapons technology to Libya and others.

The very same Musharraf who now tells us that martial law is necessary as well as the suspension of those same "democratic" principles he has so espoused over his years? And why? To assure his return. That is all.

And our lame government only now finds some elements to disagree with?


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