Sunday, October 28, 2007

The day they drove the old drive-in down...

A special photo essay by Moan Baez of the Rectory of The Licentious Lush.

As can be seen, the Rectory suffered both Underdog and Ratatouille in extreme comfort: home made popped corn; soft bedding; camp recliners; junk food; soft drink; beer and Peter Lehman Shiraz.
The only thing missing was an appearance by Bob Falfa. I'm certain he was out there in the dark somewhere. Perhaps, as is his want, cruisin' about.
Vale Bass Hill drive-in.



Anonymous Dylan said...

We had a drive in (the Galaxy) not far from where we lived in Kingsley in Perth.

Lots of drive-in info here for the nostalgic - and a different take in the shape of guerilla drive in movies here.

28/10/07 5:56 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Ah, now weren't they the olden days!

Strange places drive ins.

I think I much prefer gold class.

28/10/07 7:39 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Then hire a Merc or a Daimler.

We've actually seen a few films at this drive-in. I'd seen many more at the Chullora Twin back when I'd hair and colour in it.

The Godfather I & II and, for some bloody reason, Logan's Run stand out.

Jack (the "Old Boy" or dad) taught me to take a well packed esky.

It's Chullora shopping mall and a Islamic High School now.

28/10/07 7:58 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

The Dandenong Village Drive-In ... where much of our youth was misspent, let me tell you ... closed in the early-1980s, if memory serves.

It had also doubled as a Sunday Trash'n'Treasure market for years prior, and that continued after the Drive-In movie theatre aspect of it closed.

Then about 10 years ago, a new Drive-In movie theatre (the Lunar) sprung up on the old site, with not one, but two big screens.

I can only guess that some genius worked out that there was still a niche market for young folk to misspend their youth.

28/10/07 10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anne-Marie said...

Yes, what an absolute shame! Australia's oldest continually operating drive-in theatre will close its doors (or should we say gates) on Wednesday 31st. Caitlin had a cry when we told them that it was closing and we would go and see a movie there before it closes.

We have had lots of fun whenever we have been there. I have even taken the children there by myself. We usually put the seats down and kids sit up or lie down with their pillows, quilts, stuffed animals & torches (in case they need them to look for something) whilst we sit outside in our recliner camp chairs. We usually have dinner, snacks, and drinks whilst enjoying the movies. Usually there is only one children’s movie but they treated us to a double feature. However, Caitlin fell off to sleep during the second one which was OK since we had seen Ratatouille before.

They started half an hour late because there were so many cars trying to get in since it was the last Saturday. It was like a party atmosphere that night so it was great. There were all these OLD cars there that were in very good condition so we walked around to have a look and a chat with a few people. We did not get home till just after midnight which because we had to put our clocks forward was actually 1am. By the time we got home, both kids were asleep in the back seat.

That was an interesting website that Dylan posted. Well, at least, the children are old enough to remember going to a drive-in. Some of our past visits were obviously when they were younger and for one, memories don’t go back that far as I found out when talking to them about some of the things we did.

29/10/07 5:23 PM  

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