Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rectory on the Road: a retro

Came across the US road atlas I used to plan that part of January's trip whilst looking for something else entirely this morning. It's full of pencilled mile calculations and average travel times scribbled on the Rectory front lawn, this time last year, whilst into full on planning of rental cars, routes and stops.

That came and went bloody fast. Doesn't seem like a year ago that I was busy working out where in California/Arizona/New Mexico we could get to in seven days of car hire. There are times it seems like it never happened. The Rectory finances, having suffered a spending incontinence matched only by the current candidates for PM, declare that it most emphatically did.

I figure, in the effort to assuage the returned fright at that fiscal flatulence, that I might post a few of my personal favourite spots - if only to see some result of all this guilt.

Funnily enough, although NYC is a perenial favourite, I have a rather inexplicable attachment to the US southwest - Arizona in particular. I'm not at all sure why that is but, any trip I'd do to the US in the future would include that area without a doubt.

Leaving La - a good thing to do...

Route 66: Silegman

The Big Hole

Humphrey's Peak, near Flagstaff Arizona: 12,663'

At $6.98 all you can eat, the Rectory will not be invited back soon...



Anonymous Kathy said...

Loved the pics Mike. I have always wanted to go to NY too(I wanna go to a lot of places!!)
My sister jetted in on Thursday from Vienna, via Hong Kong.(She works there as Executive Assistant to the Ambasador at the Oz embassy)
She stayed three nights in Hong Kong, and declared it to be the best ever!
Better than New York even!
She was rapt in the place.
The people, the food, the culture, the architecture..
She said it was similar to New York, just with more atmosphere. A real buzz she said.
Mind you she did get a couple of guy's try and chat her up too!

One an American, another a "Tall dark and handsome European"(her words)
She is trying to talk me into meeting up with her there for a week next year.
I am sorely tempted!!

27/10/07 8:35 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

As John Lennon quipped, San Francisco is the place to be. LA you pass through and get a hamburger.

But why is Caitlin trying to push that boulder off the edge of the Big Hole? Wouldn't it be easier if she used both arms?

Oh, and my atlas doesn't list a Falgstaff, Arizona.

And if that restaurant is such good value, why is the joint almost empty? Are they all in the smokers' section?

Aside from those rivetting questions ... or even despite them ... these are really cool pics!

Yeah Kathy, a guy I work with is a sinophile (if that's the correct expression). He has a brother living in Honkers and is constantly flitting over there, and to mainland China. Can't get enough of the place...

We have a sponsored kiddie in China's Yunnan province... which unfortunately shares a frontier with Burma...

27/10/07 10:09 PM  
Blogger Father Park said...

Yeah, yeah Flagstaff. I have this problem on keyboard.

The place(a little earlier) was, in fact, jammed-packed in the "smokers". There was no room.

Typical Mexicans.

28/10/07 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

I know, I know... picky, picky.

The bane of my life that I have the attributes of The Perfect Editor.

28/10/07 10:00 AM  

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