Friday, August 31, 2007

Goat Friday

image by jacob  —  click to enlarge

Just when we thought there was nothing new under the sun, the ‘specials’ menu pictured above caught my eye at a popular Italian ristorante in Melbourne’s outer-south-east. (I had the chicken parmagiana.)


Anonymous Kathy said...

Hey Jarcob,me old mate. You're back!
What a nice surprise.

Mmmmmm. Can't go past the chilli mussels and oysters kilpatrick.

And of course the roasted baby goat!

31/8/07 8:57 PM  
Anonymous Father Park said...

And an ice-cold beer.

Followed by roasted baby gaot and A Wirra Wirra RSW Shiraz.

Hmmmm.....heaven.....hmmm, red meat and red.

Time for the Rectory front lawn I suspect: webber, sheep, beer and red. Sounds like Daddy's day

2/9/07 11:13 AM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

I must admit I was tempted to try the roasted infant goat, but something made me say 'no'. Strange, since I have no such qualms about veal (cooked baby cows).

Speaking of which, it's calving season, and a friend who works at a dairy informs me that male calves, upon delivery, are instantly dispatched to the abbatoir. All grist for the mill, I suppose.

And Happy Fathers' Day to you, Father Park!!!

Yes!!! A beer is in order... or two or three or...

2/9/07 2:59 PM  
Anonymous Father Park said...

...or four or five....

2/9/07 6:33 PM  

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