Saturday, March 17, 2007


In comments here, I wondered about the reactions to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession of his victims and/or their families. Here’s one response:

The only way to fight terrorism is to exercise self-control over the natural feelings of disgust and horror that his declarations provoke.

I clearly see Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s motives when he proudly volunteers a graphic description of the murder of my husband Daniel Pearl.

Because I understand his intentions I can also deny their effect on me.

The more people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed spread fear, the more determined I am to resist by celebrating values of humanism and dignity.

  • Mariane Pearl


I had to rush off, but I meant to add that Mariane Pearl, according to the above news item, is reported to have said she thought it “unclear” whether Mohammed was actually behind the killing of her husband.

A fuller account of Ms Pearl’s statement can be read here. Daniel Pearl’s father, Judea, also doubts Mohammed’s confession.

Elsewhere, Caz over at Avatar Briefs has some further thoughts on ‘Gabby’ Mohammed.


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