Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dinosaur bites man?

image by jacob — click to enlarge

“The Caves” — near Inverloch, Victoria, Australia

Whilst walking barefooted on the beach on Monday, I stood on a tiny fragment that lodged in the sole of my foot. After being plagued by it for a couple of days, I finally went to my GP today to have it surgically removed. The tiny, black and brittle fragment may well have once been part of a dino tooth!

The Dinosaur Dreaming site at “The Caves” beach was discovered in 1991 by a group from Monash University who discovered 30 small bones weathering out of the rock. Now more than 6,000 fossil bones and teeth have been found. Each summer a team of palaeontologists and volunteers from Monash University return to the site working from Australia day to the second weekend in March. You can join guided walks around the site and learn about the extraction and identification process. as well as the type of dinosaurs that lived in the area.


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