Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Phil’s in phor it, now

Phillip Adams’ column today is dedicated to a long, merciless attack on conservative commentator Mark Steyn. Just for openers:

... adoring crowds of neo-cons and camp followers flock to laugh at the Canadian columnist’s jokes and to applaud his insights. Trouble is it’s near impossible to tell one from the other. The insights are comical and the jokes unfunny.

No doubt, the gloves will now be off among Steyn’s brethren.

First off, Phil can expect to be lambasted for sour grapes, because as Adams admits in his column, he wasn’t invited to any of the Steyn gigs – well, either that or “my invitation went missing in the mail”.

Still, for some of Steyn’s fans, only the most devastating of demolitions of Adams will suffice. I hope he will have prepared himself for the ultimate weapon of censure and invective.

Yes, that’s right, the taunts will again fly through the blogosphere of Phat Phil ... and worse, usually involving some lurid replacement of the letter f with ph.

I guess Adams has asked phor it.


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