Sunday, May 07, 2006

Globization's winers

Ah! The internet and globalisation: the two go hand in hand and are inseparable.

Yesterday, as unknown to me a party raged at Harry Heidelberg’s, we headed east down the country to visit my niece on her birthday. Whilst there, we were amused as ever by my great-nephew’s antics.

Going on two years old, the little chap was recently presented with a toy motorcycle by his proud parents, which they bought for him on eBay. Apart from the trainers either side, the thing looks surprisingly like a real motorcycle, and even has features that mimic real motorcycle behaviour.

There’s starter motor noise, engine noise, the obligatory horn, and the thing even has locomotion by virtue of an electric motor. Our little guy’s in petrol-head heaven.

As can be seen in the picture below (click to enlarge), emblazoned across the handlebars is the caption: “WINER

Of course, what the Chinese makers of this freedom machine actually intended with this motif was the word, winner. The unfortunate misspelling is also repeated either side of the front forks.

Nevertheless, my little great-nephew knows that he is a winner. And so he is, the internet and globalisation have made him so. And ain’t we all?!

Anyway, the little guy just loves the thing.

Oh, er, what’s that you say? He’s adorable? Yes, we know! And the most photographed little munchkin I’ve ever known.


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