Monday, March 13, 2006

Ah, Melbourne! – from Middling to Marvelous

Many recent visitors to our fair city will have received the standard welcome to Marvelous Melbourne 2006, in the form of grossly inflated prices for accommodation.

The real estate sections in the papers have been abuzz here with advice on the finer points of profiteering in the short-term residential market during the imminent Commonwealth Games. There’s gold in them thar residential investment properties.

Do come again, folks... soon!! The rentseekers of Melbourne require your money!!!

As an accidental outcome, somewhere low down among the hierarchy of winners are Melbourne’s homeless. The Bracks Caring Government has been spending up big-time on short-term accommodation for the city’s homeless. Basically to get them off the streets, of course, they being excess to the requirements of Marvelous Melbourne 2006.

But anyone having any qualms about what could be construed as a cynical cosmetic measure may put their concerns to rest.

The restoration of the liberty of Melbourne’s homeless is assured, once Marvelous Melbourne again becomes Middling Melbourne.


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