Saturday, May 19, 2012

The power and the stink

Lurid assertions today in The Australian...

Journalism academic Margaret Simons has failed to meet her own high standards by not disclosing her dealings with the Finkelstein media inquiry, while the links between the inquiry and some academics looks “clubby”, media professionals and ethicists say.

Funny that... “clubby” might be a reasonable description of the behaviour of various News £td hacks who’ve closed ranks to attempt to discredit certain journalism academics.

Presumably they all believe that the Finkelstein proceedings would have benefited from much more representation on the part of News £td journalists — not withstanding that they are employees of an organisation whose parent company has spectacularly been exposed for egregious and fundamental breaches of ethics, and probably even criminal conduct.

Whether they like it or not, and fair or not, they’re all tarred with that brush, and the way the media review here has progressed has in large part to be understood in the context of the proceedings in London.

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