Friday, March 09, 2012

Builders definitely, unquestionably gone!

There’s been intrigue this week in the Outer South East Growth Corridor, as intrepid investigative reporter for the Pakenham News, Danielle Galvin, reports...

Builders walk

Development at Pakenham Aged Care’s Ron Andrews Nursing Home is temporarily on hold after builders walked off the site on Tuesday.

Intriguing! Can this be true? Danielle investigates further...

President of the board of management Rob Nobelius said the board was waiting to be advised about what had happened.

“It’s very recent. This has only popped up in the last 24 hours, we’re hoping to find out ASAP,” he said.

“We just don’t know, we might find out in a few days or it could be a week.”

Well, that’s at best inconclusive, and would require corroboration from at least one other key player. So Danielle leaves no stone unturned...

[Manager and director of nursing Linda Austen] said she was waiting to hear what the next step was.

“The builders have gone off site and we are waiting to hear officially what has happened,” she said.

Yet, in matters of such gravity, it’s surely always best to triple check...

“All we really know is that the Builders have gone off site and we are waiting to hear what the next stage is,” she said.

Well then... established! The (unnamed) builders have definitely, unquestionably gone! Furthermore, nobody knows what the hell’s going on.

This is just where our Fourth Estate comes into its own, right? Like any good investigative reporter worth her salt, Danielle doggedly, exhaustively follows the trail of intrigue...

Calls to the building company yesterday morning (Wednesday) were not answered or returned.

[End article.]

Okay... so we eagerly await the next instalment in Danielle’s gripping exposé.

You know? ...the bit where she actually exposes the stuff behind all the intrigue.

  • Danielle Galvin: “Builders walk.” Pakenham News, 8 March 2012, page 1. (No link.)

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What does a lad have to do to get a drink on P U B - F R I D A Y.


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