Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bibi’s sluttish ways

Incoming Israeli PM, apologist for political terror and ideological slut, Benjamin Netanyahu, just can’t help himself.

In a distinct change from his pre-election rhetoric, Mr Netanyahu committed his government to negotiating with the Palestinian Authority in the search for peace.

Gee, that’s nice! And such lofty rhetoric surely cannot fail to push the right buttons with the US government.

Oh but what’s this...? The “search for peace” seems to have taken a strange twist from day one, if the following is anything to go by...

Mr Netanyahu’s comments about negotiating with the Palestinians came as the army radio reported he had made a secret deal with [Avigdor Lieberman] for construction of new Jewish settlements on land in the Palestinian West Bank...

Any new settlement expansion would be likely to create tensions with the Obama administration. The US has long opposed expansion of the settlements, arguing that it makes it harder to create a Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution.

Readers may recall why the expansion of settlements might “make it harder” to advance the peace process, such as it is.

If the “secret deal” is for real, then sadly for Bibi it’s out of the bag — well ‘sadly’, assuming the peace process (such as it is) is really a priority for the US government.



Blogger Father Park said...

Leiberman is a pig. Benny lies down with pigs. Benny's ....

The man has not aletered from his last incarnation. Israel is only the worse for his back-alley (would have said "backroom" had his "partner" been otherwise) rise to power.

One might be tempted to suppose Lieberman an Emminence Gris were Bibi not such a fellow traveller.

29/3/09 9:53 PM  

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