Monday, September 01, 2008

Angle-of-the-dangle competition

There appears to be a competition between the Italian city of Pisa and the Dutch town of Bedum to claim the shonkiest construction work of the 12th Century.

The Tower of Pisa is being challenged by a lesser-known 12th-century building in the northern Dutch town of Bedum as Europe’s most steeply leaning tower.

Retired geometrician Jacob van Dijk said measurements this week on Bedum’s 36-metre church tower of Walfridus revealed it is now leaning more than its Italian rival, which lost part of its tilt following restoration works.

At a height of 55.86 meters, Pisa’s tower leans about 4 meters, while Bedum’s tower leans 2.61 meters on its height of 35.7 meters. If both towers were the same height, Bedum would have a greater tilt of 6 cm, Van Dijk argues.

“In Italy they’re happy with the result, but here in Bedum we are much more happy, because the tower of Pisa is now leaning less than the tower of Bedum,” said Van Dijk.

Using this online tool, and all things being equal, we can see that the Walfridus Church tower in Bedum leans at about 4.2°, compared with the Tower of Pisa at about 4.1° (although Wikipedia currently has it at 3.97°).

So, congratulations to Bedum! One can only suggest they’ll have to gussy up their dour-looking church tower if they want to be in serious contention for the international tourist dollar.

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Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...

I do believe that the Tower looks a tad surprised Jarcob.

Hey, did you and Mike see Annabel Crabb's piece in the SMH today. Provided me with a few chuckles this morning.She is spot on!


These guys have no imagination.
Where's Paul Keating when you need someone to liven up the party.. Ha!

And btw, I darn well wish Rudd would get himself a decent speechwriter, otherwise we will all soon be bored to death.

3/9/08 1:18 PM  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Haha, yeah splendidly entertaining column from Annabel, Kath.

"But as the dusty plains of Rudd's verbiage spread out unendingly before us, it was hard not to yearn for an exotic and distant legislature where public figures might occasionally gun down a big cat in question time, rather than just droning on about capital expenditure."

3/9/08 3:10 PM  

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