Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home more than just a house

A few weeks ago me and the missus stopped at a scenic lookout (not far from where the above picture was taken) whilst driving up through the beautiful southern Strzeleckis from Inverloch to Nyora.

The missus spotted a ‘For Sale’ sign across the road on a barbed-wire fence and — real estate being her life — she insisted on wandering over the road for a quick squiz at the rolling acreage, with its gravel drive meandering down to a medium-sized house at the bottom of a rather steep drop.

Making their way up the drive on one of those four-wheeled motorbike-deathtrap-thingies were two young lads, the eldest of about eleven years at the controls, with his brother of about nine riding pillion.

They turned near the gate at the top of the drive and, as they commenced the descent back down to the house, the younger lad called out to us,

“Go look at your own property!”

Although the lad’s poor sales approach gave us a hearty chuckle, we of course sensed the poor kids weren’t terribly keen at the prospect of quitting the place, which was clearly an adventure playground for little boys.

Made me think back to that episode of The Brady Bunch, in which Mike and Carol decided they needed to ‘upsize’ their home to accommodate their large, recently-composited family.

The Brady kids, of course, soon came to hate the very idea of leaving their home and hearth, and instigated all sorts of madcap hijinx to prevent the sale.

Of course, the sensitive, middle-class lady who was the prospective buyer quickly enough ascertained the dynamics of the situation and couldn’t bring herself to buy the place at any price.

Leaving Mike and Carol to smile warmly at each other while pondering the, by then, bleedingly obvious moral of that week’s episode:

A home is more than just a house.


Doesn’t hurt, either, to have a bit of wide-open space and big boys’ toys to play around on...



Blogger Kathy Farrelly said...

Yeah.. absolutely beautiful Jarcob.
Can understand why those boys would want to hang on to their little slice of heaven.

28/6/08 8:24 PM  
Blogger Caz said...

Come on, the Brady's were never going to drag themselves away from that orange laminate kitchen. Who would want to? Who possibly could?

29/6/08 11:51 AM  

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