Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brewed nieflets

Anyone who wasn’t aware that China was ranked 72nd in the world on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2007 would nevertheless probably take the following as indicative of certain problems facing China today:

A Chinese Government website encouraging citizens to report corruption has crashed on its first day under the weight of too many hits.

And the latest round in an argument that has raged for years, and will continue until the day we are either greeted as long-lost celestial brethren, or enslaved or zapped out of existence by the ETs:

Two senior scientists have resigned from an elite international study group in protest over a lack of public discussion about the possible consequences of attracting the attention of aliens by sending signals deep into space.

Almost forgot to mention that Tim Dunlop recently published an urgent News Flash over at his gig, as apparently he’d detected some residual confusion over events that occurred almost a month ago.

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Anonymous Kathy said...

Ah, storm in a teacup!

Brewed nieflets...

I'll have mine with one sugar , thanks Jarcob..

19/12/07 8:48 PM  

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