Sunday, April 01, 2007

David Hicks not a bbq stopper

Overheard this afternoon among a party of picnickers...

A young lady of perhaps twenty years expressed her dismay that David Hicks “only got seven years.”

Her slightly older companion confessed she “didn’t know anything” about the matter.

The younger lady explained that Hicks had been found guilty of “material support for terrorism, which means he gave money to terrorists.”

A middle-aged lady chimed in that “he changed his name by deed poll to something like Abu al-Dabba Blabba Yadda — meaning, I’m-a-terrorist!” (Quoted from memory of the incoherent original.)

The conversation then moved on to the really critical issue of the day, being the Ian Thorpe doping scandal.

I looked to the glorious blue autumn sky above to thank the deity for living among an informed citizenry, clued-up to the hilt by a free press.

Life is good™, I thought.


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