Thursday, February 15, 2007

Site audit performed, mentions tallied

The Muftim of Blair has performed a site audit of Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy blog, finding that John Howard is “currently mentioned” 115 times.

This is a surprising statistic, not least because one might wonder at someone actually going to the trouble of counting all those mentions.

One might also wonder at Tim D’s apparent preoccupation with Mr Howard ... until it’s remembered that Blogocracy is a left-leaning political blog, and that Howard has been the preeminent force in Australian politics for well over ten years.

Howard’s supporters are themselves to blame for bestowing such primacy on their Dear Leader. Why would anyone be surprised at a preponderance of Howard mentions anywhere, when the man’s maunderings on everything from climate change to the recent AFL deal are constantly shoved in one’s face?

Methinks the Muftim has become as stale as Mr Howard (oh damn, there’s another mention). Anyway, the Muftim evidently has “no interest in fairness”, so it’s rather puzzling that he should be so ‘concerned’ about all these mentions.

UPDATE: Almost forgot to own up that this site “currently mentions” Mr Howard 17 times — damn, make that 18. Oh bum, I didn’t count mentions in the Recent Posts pane — make that 19. Um, do references to “the Prime Minister” or “the PM” count as mentions ... ?


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