Friday, November 03, 2006

Sea horse

As suggested by Caz in comments here, the above image rightly belongs in a separate post, not in Goat Friday. So I've taken the liberty of excising it from that previous post, and posted it here.

Caz notes that the sea horse “fails to convince”, and Kathy (also in comments) conjectures further that this horse is “a duck in disguise”.

Well now, I received this image by email at work, and have not been able to trace its origin. So, although its authenticity must remain suspect, it’s quite possible that the image depicts, as Kathy suggests, a genetically-engineered horse-duck. So, possibly a horck, dorse, huck, dorck – call it what you will.

Or it could be the spontaneous evolutionary response of genus Equus to rising sea levels from global warmefying .. um warmenising .. well, climate change, anyway.

And nature has provided so well for this horse of the future, I’m sure this new species will be cited as evidence in favour of intelligent design theory. I can just hear them now: “Well, this organism is a dead giveaway for the hand of the intelligent designer, and that just about wraps it up for Darwin.”

Anyway, until the source of this image is positively identified, my mind remains wide open to the possibility that we’re witnessing a quantum leap in natural history.


Blogger Caz said...


Yes, I can see that.

Darwin would be so proud.

4/11/06 1:12 PM  

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