Sunday, December 25, 2005


According to a recent news item, “Virgin Airlines is to offer frequent-flyer ‘Space Miles’ that passengers can put towards flights in space with the company’s soon to be launched Virgin Galactic.”

Virgin Galactic, eh? “Mr Branson in July formed a company to build five aircraft that can each fly seven people beyond the atmosphere.”

Well, Sir Richard, let’s get a grip on ourselves here. We’re talking sub-orbital flight, hardly grazing the extraterrestrial void.

So, if Mr Branson wants to call his joyride enterprise ‘Galactic’, I’m going to call my humble terrestrial motor vehicle ‘Apollo 11’.

Really, folks, you’d be much better off going ballooning! Much less unsafe, much less expensive, and much less environmentally unsound...

On that positive note, Applied Hermeneutics wishes all our readers and contributors our best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year Season.


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